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Testoil Now is the quickest way to check the condition of your machine and oil samples.  We provide everything you need take your sample:  Bottles, return mailer, and all the support you need to take your sample.  Testoil Now covers the exact testing you need to gauge the health of your machine. 

Each lubricant and machine type requires specific testing and our team of Certified Lubricant Specialists will determine which tests are most appropriate.  Once we perform the testing and analyze your data, you will receive your easy to understand report.  Have another question about your report?  No problem, unlimited phone consulting with our Analysts is included.  We are committed to getting you the information you need to make critical maintenance decisions about your machine.

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Same day oil testing from Testoil!  Once we receive your sample, you will receive your sample results in less than 12 hours!

Your Testoil Now DIY Test kit will be shipped the same day we receive your order (order before 1pm please!).  Your kit includes:

  • Clean Certified PETE bottles (safe for use with exotic lubricants)
  • Postage paid priority mailers for returning sample to laboratory
  • Waste oil bucket to allow you to properly flush your sample port
  • Sample tubing to draw samples from reservoir with a vacuum pump
  • Sampling instructions
  • If you are a repeat customer, you will also receive a list of all the equipment you have tested and last date tested
  • Comprehensive sample analysis with Karl Fisher Water and Ferrography added if test results indicate an issue
  •  Access to your private web portal – (datasight.testoil.com) to review your past data and retrieve your data for download
  • Access to Certified Lubrication Specialist to discuss your specific concerns

Testoil takes the guess work out of oil analysis, like your doctor, we choose the most appropriate test slate for your equipment.  We will perform every test that matters and when we see unusual results, we will add additional testing to pinpoint your problem.  We will never charge you for these additional tests!  Our goal is to get to the root of your problem.  We have over 50 different tests at our disposal to give you the insight you need to make important maintenance decisions.    You can expect your sample to receive 7-12 different determinations (tests) the tests that are most frequently utilized are:  Acid number, Color, FTIR, Karl Fischer Water, Analytical Ferrography, Crackle, Particle Count, Viscosity, Base number, Ferrous wear concentration, Elemental Spectroscopy, pH and visual inspection.    Machine type, Lubricant type and your past or current test results provide the information we need to select the most appropriate testing for you.  We also value your input.  Please include any background information that may help us understand what is happening at your plant and what information would be most useful to you.

We also will automatically double check your test results whenever we are sending you a report that indicates you may need to take action.  This, along with our laboratory’s ISO 17025 Quality certification ensures that you can trust your results 100%.

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